Rotary Furnace

Rotary Furnace

The cylindrical shaped Mild Steel Shell will be fabricated with Thick MS Plate and adequately reinforced for giving rigid structure thick Plates duly reinforced with steel Strips and fitted.

The furnace conical ends with flange connections. From one end the burner will be fitted and the other flue gases will be exhausting throughChimney. Burner will be mounted at separate stand to accommodate the loading of material to the furnace.

  • Chimney will be of self supporting type having fabricated thick plate.

The furnace shall be mounted on 04 Nos. of M.S wheels will be rotating with a common shaft by an electric motor through helicon gear box . All wheels will be supported on rigid mild steel structure with the help of Bearing and bearing blocks.

There will be electric magnetic brake provided in the movement system. There will also be 01 no manual brake for controlling the movement of furnace shell.

The furnace will have an opening at one end opposite to the burner side for Charging of the material to be melted. There will also be one cast iron ring on this opening to minimize the damaged on the refractory cast able on the openings.

  • Control panel will be supplied along with the furnace. The control will be fitted with the following Items
  • Temperature indicator of range 0 – 1600˚C
  • Suitable contactor for blower, gear pump, electric heater
  • Suitable fuses
  • Suitable Volt Ampere meter
  • Indicating lamps